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UAE’s leading Boutique Agency
specializing in delivering
result oriented Digital Marketing campaigns.

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As a Double Click Certified Marketing
Partner, we are able to offer our
clients the very latest in digital
marketing solutions
and insights.

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Digital marketing for Real Estate industry

Real Estate

Real Estate

Generated over AED 40 Million
Revenue for clients in 2018

online marketing company - Entertainment field



Increased web traffic by over 400%
in 6 months and increased subscriber count by 22%

SEO and social media marketing for Nursery Schools - SEO Ideas



Increased web traffic
and generated 30% increase in student admissions

online marketing agency in Healthcare industry

Health Care

Health Care

Increase traffic by 63%.
Generating 20 Appointments daily.

Digital marketing company working for Transport Industry



Improved awareness and generated 15%
increase in the month on month business.

Digital marketing company in Education industry



Generated over 115 Admissions
in 90 days for a UK Curriculum School


December 21, 2017

How to analyze a sudden drop in traffic?

It's monday morning and you open up your Google Analytics Sheet.

October 16, 2017

How machine learning levels the SERP playing field

Contributor Kristopher Jones explains how SEOs should be changing their practices to keep up with trends in the way Google evaluates web pages.

How machine learning levels the SERP playing field - Blog
December 21, 2017

SEO Snippets — webmasters & SEOs

The new series will address frequently raised issues in the webmaster forums.

SEO snippets - webmasters and SEO's - Blog - Alchemist Digital
scroll down image - Alchemist Digital